Ayla, Heather, and Maggie

Ayla, Heather, and Maggie

All of our instructors and teaching assistants have a background in Creative Dance and other dance and performing arts forms. At Creative Kinetics Dance, we believe children have the right to dance in an environment that celebrates their individuality and supports them to explore their movement potential in a way that respects and guides their physical, emotional, social, and aesthetic development. They deserve dance experiences that are age appropriate, and encourage their personal expression in relating to the world around them.


Heather Taschuk, BFA, B.Ed.


Heather is an educator, performer, writer and artist. She brings her smile and enthusiasm to all of her work! She is an established Dance Educator locally, provincially, and nationally, She is an Arts teacher with Edmonton Public Schools, and has been an instructor at J’Adore Dance since 2012, where she has taught a variety of classes for children and adults.



Teaching Assistant

Maggie danced with the Children's Creative Dance Program for nine years, and has continued to dance as a Teaching Assistant for several years afterward. During this time, she commenced training at the Edmonton School of Ballet as a dancer and performer. Maggie is thrilled to be a part of the Creative Kinetics Dance team!



Teaching Assistant

After dancing with the Children's Creative Dance Program for over 6 years, Ayla is excited to be a Teaching Assistant with Creative Kinetics Dance. Ayla is an actor, improviser, and singer/songwriter who has always had a love for movement. She is attending the BFA Acting program at the University of Alberta.