Creative Kinetics Dance is the continuation of a legacy of quality Creative Dance programming here in Edmonton. Its roots are in the Alberta Children’s Creative Dance Theatre (ACCDT) that was started in 1977 with Dr. Joyce Boorman, Sally Carline, Jan Vallance, and others. Heather Taschuk is an alumnus of ACCDT having danced in the program from the age of 4-14. Her career as a dance teacher started with being a youth dance assistant with ACCDT at the age of 12. The program evolved into the Children’s Creative Dance Program with Sally Carline, Jackie Best and Jenn Best at the helm. When they announced their retirement from teaching the program in March 2018, Heather decided to continue on where they have left off. What an incredible opportunity to come full circle!



B-64, Education Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB


9am – 1:30pm Saturdays


What is Creative Dance?


Creative Dance focuses on helping children learn how to move their bodies in developmentally appropriate ways. As well, dance experiences are designed to support social, psychological and emotional development. We strive to give students the opportunity to develop their aesthetic sensibilities, and experience the world around them through music and dance. The ideas for our dances come from stories, poems, and concepts that engage students in connecting with movement by using their imaginations. We investigate dance concepts articulated by Rudolf von Laban in his movement analysis work that relate to: Body, Effort, Shape and Space. Dancers have many opportunities to explore different ways of moving that are dynamic, expressive and uniquely their own, while refining their motor skills, in a non-competitive, fun, yet challenging, environment.